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What is Eco-Printing?

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Eco-printing is a sustainable technique of dying natural fabrics, by extracting pigments directly from plants.

The leaves and flowers are carefully selected for their eco-printing characteristics, such as interesting shapes, vibrant colours or levels of tannins present. 

The imprints are created  by combining plants with heat, pressure, minerals and time, locking the unique composition permanently into the fabric.

Revealing your print is always an exciting experience!

Eco-Printing Workshops

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Are you ready to flirt with Nature? Book one of Tatiana’s Workshops!

During this all day event, you and your friends will learn all about Eco-Printing;


  • Preparing fabrics for Eco-Printing  

  • Selecting the right plants  

  • Arranging the composition  

  • Correct ways of wrapping and steaming the bundle  

  • Understanding the use of metals, tannins and
    other additives to enhance your prints.   

  • Creating a wide spectrum of colour by layering natural
    dyes using carrier blankets  

  • Washing and care instructions  

  • And more !

Tatiana will motivate you to continue learning and  experimenting at home.  You’ll be able to breathe new life into your clothes, craft beautiful gifts, uplift your home decor with eco-printed pieces of art.

Most importantly, Tatiana will inspire you to see Nature in new a light!

Workshops on Offer

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